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While artwork materials are limitless, this is a descriptive list of the kinds of imagery that work best for most clients.
Posters and reproductions: all major poster publishers in the U.S. and abroad
Ltd. Edition Prints
Fine art prints: lithographs, etchings, silk-screens, monoprints, etc.
Unique Works on Paper: watercolors, drawings, collage, oil on paper, etc.
Photography: black and white, color, vintage, collectable, decorative, etc.
Prints on demand: creating and/or printing of corporate identity imagery, such as production facilities, employees or internally created graphics
Paintings: emerging artists to established investment artists, acrylics to oil paintings, etc.
Unique Hand-crafted works: ceramics, glass, stained-glass, metal, wood, etc.
Tapestries and Fiber Art: antique and contemporary
Commissioning Art
In the course of selecting the medium for commissioned artwork, a number of variables are taken into consideration. Special notice is taken for a preference for a particular material, a certain artistic application, the spatial requirements and the budget. Once this is decided upon, a review of visual representations are presented, leading to the selection of an Artist or a group of Artists. If the art does not exist and has to be commissioned, an agreement with the Artist is negotiated, including the submission of a drawing or a "maquet" along with the materials that are to be used. A nominal fee is often required by the artist before providing the samples. This fee, though not refundable, is applied to the final cost of the commissioned piece.
Commissioned artwork can take as little as a month to fabricate, though it usually requires more time. Since the piece has to be designed specifically for a location, it is essential that all participants have a clear understanding and an open communication as to what their responsibilities are in completing the work to everyone's satisfaction. ACG facilitates this process.